All Vom Banach K9 puppies come with a Written Contract, Health and Hip Guarantee,  Avid Microchip Implantation,  DHPP vaccine (We use Progard-5 Vaccine by Intervet,)  and multiple dewormings.  All vom Banach K9 Puppies are Healthy, Happy, Vibrant individuals  that have been very well socialized, handled and loved from the moment they were born.

Below is our protocol for worming and vaccination of puppies here at Vom Banach K9 and our  recommendations for puppies from birth thru adulthood.


2 weeks Nemex-2 per oral as by weight ( Nemex-2 Brand of Pyrantel Pamoate suspension .5ml per # I like Nemex-2 because of the dosage and you are able to more accurately dose a 2 week old puppy with Nemex-2 than by the standard Pyrantel labeled for humans or that is sold in pet catalogs that is a 50mg/ml. Nemex-2 is 4.54 mg per ml )
4 weeks Nemex-2 per oral as by weight
5 weeks Albon, ( Albon as directed by weight guidelines in 5% oral suspension) and Panacur ( Panacur granules 22.2% by weight ) as preventative for coccidia( Albon) and various internal parasites( Panacur) x 5 days in a row for Albon and x 3 days for Panacur.

7 weeks Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension 50mg/ml ( Pyrantel at .1ml per lb )
8-9 weeks or dose at go home Pyrantel Pamoate same as above 50mg/ml ( at .1ml per lb )

I recommend a monthly wormer for puppies and adults over 9 weeks of age. Such as Interceptor or Sentinel by Novartis or Iverhart by Virbac. This product  is for heartworm prevention as well as the monthly control of other internal parasites.

I use Progard vaccines by Intervet. Vaccines should be given in the Right Front Quadrant ( right shoulder ) Rabies should be given in the Right Rear Quadrant ( Right Hip ) Misc. Vaccines Lyme etc.. should be given in the Left front Quadrant ( Left Shoulder ) and Misc injections such as antibiotics should be given midline above the scapula ( or nape of the neck as you will commonly see by Veterinarians and Tech's. ) The reason for this is should there be a local reaction to a vaccine or a lump develop later in these areas you will know which vaccine caused these reactions. When I record the vaccines in the Health Record I peel the sticker off of the original vaccine vial and attach it to the lower portion of the Health Record. I record the date, location the vaccine was given, vaccine sticker and initial. So it would read: Date, DHPP <sticker from vial> R front quad - JM
A vet will know where the vaccine was given, what brand, serial numbers of the vaccine and expiration date. If later there should develop a small mass/lump it will be easier to diagnose the possibility of it being from a vaccine. I do let clients also know should they later feel a small pea to marble sized lump in that region that it could be as a result of a vaccine.

7 weeks DHPP only ( Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo , Parainfluenza ) Progard 5 by Intervet This is what I give here before puppies go home. I like to give it at 7 weeks to allow time for the vaccine to kick in as opposed to doing it at 8 weeks when a puppy may be leaving. I do not like to hyper vaccinate by doing Lepto and Corona on their 1st vaccine also it is recommended that Lepto be given ONLY after 10 weeks of age and not before so do not vaccinate with Lepto under 10 weeks of age.

8 weeks Bordetella ~ Intra Nasal ( B. bronchiseptica ) also known as Kennel Cough is given in a liquid form vaccination in the nose.  Kennel cough is easily transmitted from dog to dog by contact with a contaminated animal, on the ground, or in a facility where affected dogs have been in such places as dog parks, Petstores, Veterinary Hospitals, boarding facilities and cargo facilities where animals are shipped. We vaccinate all of our puppies here at 8 weeks of age or before they go to their new homes to aid in the prevention of Kennel cough and your puppy becoming infected during those first few weeks where the puppy may be traveling or in infected areas.  We recommend a kennel cough booster be given every 6 months if you are frequently in contact with common grounds and unknown dogs.

On my puppy records I then recommend Boosters every 4 weeks as follows:

11 weeks DA2PPvL+CV ( Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo, Parinfluenza and Corona Virus. Note** Intervet no longer manufactures the Progard 8 by Intervet or Progard 7  So for DHLPP we now use the Galaxy DA2PPVL by Schering-Plough Animal Health and then add the Corona separately by Intervet which is the  Progard-CVK.  ( The Corona Virus vaccine may be optional in your area or not at a high risk in your area. It is a virus similar to Parvo but not as severe. I would check with your vet to see what they recommend for your area. Corona is a puppy virus and does not need to be re-boostered or vaccinated in adult dogs. In puppies however you need 2 boosters of it same as with Lepto. I absolutely recommend vaccinating against Lepto. Lepto is a bacteria. Leptospirosis is spread commonly by infected rodents and raccoons and passed through the contact with urine it is as well very contagious to humans. It is common in our state and many others. The Lepto vaccine has very few side effects clinically with the Large breed dogs. There is a higher risk of side effects to smaller breeds. Life saving vaccinations far out weigh the risk of possible side affects from the actual killed modified vaccine for this disease.

15 weeks DA2PPvL+CV and Rabies ( same as above you need 2 boosters of the Lepto as well as the Corona for immunization. Please check with your area for Rabies requirements in your state. Puppies should be at least 12 weeks of age to be administered a Rabies vaccine. Prior to 12 weeks it may be rejected by the immune system due to the puppies own immunities from its mother so the puppy would not be fully protected from the disease. Because Rabies is required by LAW in many States, Rabies can only be given to puppies over 12 weeks of age for this reason and in order to receive a Certificate of Immunization.

At 1 year a booster DA2PPL ( Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo and Parainfluenza ) Galaxy DA2PPVL by Schering-Plough Animal Health

Then every 3 years the DAP Continuum which is a 3 year vaccine for Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvo. Continuum DAP by Intervet
Guidelines should be followed for recommendations for Rabies in your State.

I do also agree with Titers for those who do not wish to hyper vaccinate adult dogs. A Titer is a blood test performed by your veterinarian in order to determine the presence of antibodies that develop in the body as a result of vaccines. A vaccine titer reveals whether or not the animal currently has adequate protection against a disease. Low titers indicate that vaccination will be necessary to provide immune protection.

This is a schedule I stick with when I am raising up a litter. Puppies who may be staying longer may not receive the same schedule as those leaving at the 8-9 weeks of age. I may vaccinate them later then the initial 7 week vaccine so I then follow a vaccine protocol from the date of the initial vaccine giving subsequent vaccines every 4 weeks thereafter for the remaining two vaccines. Because both Corona and Lepto need two boosters following the initial one is why I recommend puppies receive two more vaccines in addition to rabies after leaving here.

I also discuss vaccines with my clients when I give go home instructions. And I hope it mostly sinks in. I think it is very important when they take their new puppy to their vet that they bring the record and be sure they are given the correct vaccinations and only the ones that are needed. I think it is important to be on the same page with your vet that puppies are not over vaccinated.

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Quiet, clean, and relaxing  Birthing Rooms for the comfort and security of Mother and babies from birth to 4 weeks of age.
Our Toddler House is heated, insulated, Air Conditioned  and *draft free, for the comfort and health of our babies who are from 4-6 weeks of age.
Our Puppy Enrichment Building includes our Toddler House, Feeding Station and Indoor Play Area plus ample room for supplies.
Indoor Play Area: Enriching  and Interchangeable play area for the continual stimulation and development of our growing puppies from 6-8 weeks of age.
Our Nursery
"Jada" vom Banach
"Theron" vom Banach
"Arrow" vom Banach
"Danica" vom Banach
"Arrow" ( from our Aika  A-Litter )  Being Temperament tested and imprinted  here at Vom Banach K9 for specialty use as a  Search and Rescue Dog at  7 weeks of age.  These pictures are for demonstration ARROW IS NOT FOR SALE!!!
Outdoor  Play Area:  this 25 x 40 Covered Outdoor Play Area is completely safe and secured for additional activities and change of environment for puppies 6 weeks and up. This play area opens into two additional play yards, one of which is our training area for our Adults and young dogs. Puppies enjoy getting turned out for some great fresh air and exercise as well as being able to be exposed to the many additional stimulations and activities involved in our daily life.
25 x 40 Covered Outdoor Play Area
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Arrow at 6 weeks of age
Arrow at 13 weeks of age
Czech German Shepherd Puppies
DDR German Shepherds
This female puppy from Aron and Danica's Litter is being imprinted for Search and Rescue and Cadaver Detection on a Human remains scent article.
German Shepherd Puppies
Every single Vom Banach K9 puppy that has ever been born here has been in the comfort and safety of our home, with our family and exposed to handling and stimulation from the very day they are born.
October 2009 ~ Beautiful Arrow as an adult with his family.
Gallery of 100's of beautiful Photos taken of our Vom Banach K9 puppies and Dogs courtesy of  Cindy Fike of Fike Fotography
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Available Puppies and Upcoming  Litters
             ***Important information about the litters or upcoming breedings you will find listed on this page:


These breedings are highly anticipated Czech and East German/DDR working breeding combinations of excellent  lineage. I do not breed American or German Showline dogs. I expect very dark black sables, sable, solid black and occasional bi-color puppies in these breeding combinations with beautiful working structure,  expressive head type and strong bone. I expect these litters to be  exceptional litters for those looking for a top quality working dog. My litters are very well bred and individually tested for their prospective placement in many types of homes from Law Enforcement to PPD,  Schutzhund, SAR prospects, Obedience and Family Companion/ Home Guardians. Vom Banach K9 puppies are best suited for  intermediate to advanced level handlers. My puppies are very warm and joyful in their character and form an incredibly strong bond with their owners from their first day home. They are best suited for an active family lifestyle, where they will live indoors and be involved in your day to day life, be within your presence and with people who are experienced and knowledgeable in dog ownership, upbringing and care.  I expect high to moderate working drives for the ball or  toy with natural grips and a pure joy for the work in which they will be tested.  I expect very nice balanced working drives that are not extreme as well as exceptional work ethic and a dog who is clear in the head.  If you are interested in one of my puppies it is very important that we discuss your personal experience level as well as specific needs, temperament traits or working abilities you are seeking in a dog.  Just as important as it is for you to find the right dog and breeder for what you are looking for, I also look for specific types of homes I will consider for the purchase of one of my puppies. More and more I find I get phone calls from people who want a beautiful German Shepherd dog like one of mine on my website but they lack the knowledge that also must go with owning and training a working line German Shepherd and the responsibility that comes with.  I have sold dogs to people who have claimed to be very experienced who fail miserably from the very beginning when it comes to the very basics of crate training to others who may lack experience but educate themselves and put the effort in to being and becoming an excellent dog owner. So careful screening of all prospective homes and potential clients is mandatory for this reason.  If you have questions as to whether or not this breed or one of my dogs may be right for you or a particular litter I have shown here please feel free to call me so we can talk and discuss your experience level and skills as well as to just get to know each other better so we can both decide if you are right for one of my puppies or my puppies are right for you.  As always my puppies are hand selected for my clients personal needs and come with my Full written warranty and guarantee.  If you have additional questions or would like to discuss any of these breedings or upcoming litters, I welcome your inquiry. 
Thank You,
Julie Marlow
Owner and Breeder, Vom Banach K9

V.G. Irvin Skocicka samota
UV, GHP1, SchH3, show VG (very good )
selection KKUSH
HD/A,  RTG DKK 0/0
CZECH Import, Belgium Registered BE/RSH
AKC Registered, DNA, DM - CLEAR
Kiara von der Staatsmacht IPO1
West German Working Line
SireTyson von der Schiffslache SchH 3, IP3
Puppies from our Breeding's are priced from $1500.00 ~ $2500.00 each depending on the breeding  and require a  $500.00 deposit to make a reservation. All deposits are non-refundable. All balances due including shipping are due by the time puppies are 5 weeks of age to allow time for processing and securing final sales and selections on all puppies that are reserved. Shipping is an additional $525.00 and is available for delivery within the USA and Canada only and includes Airfare, Crate, Veterinary Exam and International or Intercontinental Health Certificate for Travel. Prices for shipping are subject to change without notice and are based on a 200 series medium shipping crate and total weight ( crate and puppy ) of under 50 lbs.        
Call (360)286-5173 or Email:

Czech/ West German working Breeding combination
Born April 10, 2015 Puppies have arrived!  Reserving Now!

4 Males & 5 Females  Black Sables, Bi-colors and Black reserving now.