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Family Photo's  from some of our many VBK9's ...
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         Raven and Sonja!!
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Danica vom Banach
 Aron vom Poppitz
Trudy vom Grafental
Hexon vom Banach "Exa"
Jada vom Banach 
Argus vom Banach
Kelleman Family
Tucson, Az.
Cedar vom Banach
Leanne Stevens
Cooper vom Banach
Sauby Family
Port Orchard, Wa
Della and Dagger vom Banach
Monroe, Wa
 Dagger vom Banach and Viktor vom Banach
at the Vom Banach K9 2007 Picnic
Jack vom Banach
Kingsley Simpson
Lena vom Banach
Elizabeth Jones
Pharoah vom Banach
Michele Wade Taylor
(12 week old Aron vom Poppitz son)
Micah vom Banach
Widlup Family
Roman vom Banach and Ruth Vom Banach
John Bonica
Kenzi vom Banach
Gisela Festerling
Vito vom Banach
Connie Jones 
"Fetching the morning paper"

Yare vom Banach
Windy Winpigler 
Foenix vom Banach
Jamie Bodeutsch 
Training in French Ring Sport
 Vom Banach K9 puppies

Viktor vom Banach
Sal Delos Santos 

Sawyer vom Banach
Kathleen Falconer 
Canto vom Banach
Terry & Randi Berg 
Olympia, Wa.
 Vom Banach K9 puppies
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Gallery 4 ( more pictures)
Abby vom Banach
My Family decided to name our dog Abby. We fell in love with her from the moment I picked her up at the airport.When I let her out of the crate she would not leave my side and when she saw my wife Jill and Daughter. She has become very good at training, learning sit, platz, stay, come and even crawl. She is a pleasure to have. Thank you again for breeding such a wonderful puppy! 

The Scott Family in Nevada

Kona vom Banach  and Roxy vom Banach
Hello Everyone!
Kona and I ( Roxy ) are here Chilling for the Holidays! We're guarding the Christmas decorations while Ruth -n-Russ are out shopping for us.
Tummy Rubs for us and wet, sloppy kisses for you!

Kona and Roxy 
Nash vom Banach  and Lexi vom Banach
Nicole Fitzsimmons
Hendricks, MN

Zulu vom Banach      November 2007
Zulu has his AKC and UKC CDX . He went High in Trial at the Longview~Kelso club show. He was the highest scoring German Shepherd at the Washington State German  Shepherd Dog club and the Oregon German Shepherd dog club in 2006. He missed going High in Trial at several other shows by 1/2 a point or a point. One time he got 198.5 and only got second in his class. Good Dogs that day! He is doing well with his UD work and I will probably show him sometime this coming spring.
John Gambill
Vancouver, Wa.
Luthien Vom Banach
Just got back from the GSD Nationals in Colorado. Thought you might like to know that Luthien was entered in agility and came home with 3 first places and a 3rd place and earned both of her Open Agility titles there too! We also had her Temperament Certified and she passed the test with flying colors. In fact in the last 5 weeks she has earned her Rally Advanced and Companion Dog Titles in obedience and her Open Fast title in agility together with her successes at the Nationals. I am so impressed with her because she really only started her show career in June.  She is an awesome dog with a sweet nature an everyone who meets her loves her. Thank you for this Awesome, fun, special girl. We couldn't love her more!
Connie White
Portland Oregon
Photo Courtesy Miguel Betancourt
Infocusby Miguel
                            Owner/ Breeder
            Veterinary Technician 20 Years
                              Julie Marlow 
                   Port Orchard, Washington
                             (360) 286-5173 
Vom Banach K9 Proudly Welcomed July 10th 2015
Slovak Import
Aron Wind Wild (Rated Excellent) Vyborny, 5CJV5/55P IPO3, DBK 0/0, DLK 0/0

Aron vom Poppitz Puppies 
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Ringo vom Banach
An Aron & Trudy son.
Congratulations Handler Rachel Yelle  and SAR  K9  "Kaiza vom Banach"
Certified Search and Rescue Dog, C.G.C.
Congratulations Officer Dwight Miller and Czar vom Banach "K-9 Bass"
K-9 Bass say's "If you run you'll just go to jail tired!"
Congratulations to Alice Whitelaw of "Working Dogs for Conservation Detection" in your continued success with Tia in your wildlife conservation detection program!
          To read more about the WDCD program please visit their website at
Our Beautiful German Shepherd Dogs are truly DOING IT ALL!! We have been successful breeders of Working German Shepherd dogs in all faucets of work. We have selected our puppies for our clients with great success for a variety of working homes from Police K9 to Loyal Family Companions. Our dogs are working in Law Enforcement, Schutzhund, PPD, Ring Sport, Search and Rescue, Agility, Herding, Conservation Detection Dogs, Rally -O, Competition Obedience, Therapy Work, Nose work, Canine Good Citizens and many other fields of interest. We believe the German Shepherd dog to be a versatile breed as it shows in the progeny produced in our breeding program. As well our dogs are personally selected for the type of work and homes they are placed in.  If you are looking for an exceptional German Shepherd dog that can work as well as be a loyal companion and trusted friend we would be happy to talk to you and see if one of our dogs would be suitable for your needs.  
Congratulations Gary Fujioka Sr.  and 
Personal Companion Dog  " Ruby vom Banach"
Hi Julie,
I love this dog! After owning American - Bloodline German Shepherds I know now that my expectations were gradually lowered- but now with Ruby I have a complete dog.
When I read this by Captain von Stephanitz I thought he could just as accurately been writing about Ruby.
" Horand embodied for the enthusiasts of that time fulfillment of their fondest dreams. He was big for that period, between 24" and 24 1/2", even for the present day a good medium size, with powerful frame, beautiful lines and a nobly formed head. Clean and sinewy in build, the entire dog was one live wire. His character was on a par with his exterior qualities; marvelous in his obedient fidelity to his master, and above all else the straight forward nature of a gentleman with a boundless zest for living. Although untrained in puppyhood, never the less obedient to the slightest nod when at its masters side; but when left to himself, the maddest rascal, the wildest ruffian and incorrigible provoker of strife. Never idle, always on the go; well disposed to harmless people, but no cringer, mad about children and always in love. What could not have been the accomplishments of such a dog if we, at that time, had only had military or police service training?  His faults were the failings of his upbringing, never of his stock. He suffered from a superfluity of unemployment energy, for he was in heaven when someone was occupied with him and was then the most tractable of dog"
When you introduced her to me I felt as though there was an instant connection. Now I better understand that she would have connected with anyone holding the ball, but even so as I got to know her better I had that comfortable, secure feeling you get when it's though you've known someone for a long time.
I figured out where that feeling originates from; it comes from beliefs going back to my childhood as to what a great dog would be. Because I have held onto that notion for so long, I came to know that dog even if only in my mind. 
So when that dog appeared before me with that slobbery ball in her mouth, it wasn't our first meeting at all. Ruby claimed a place in my life in a natural; almost matter of fact way, like a puzzle piece placed where it belongs. In Ruby I have a dog that to be close will lie on the hard tile at my feet as I work, rather than on the soft dog bed a few feet away.
Warmest Regards,
Gary Fujioka Sr.
Laura and "Bella vom Banach" 
Certified Search and Rescue Dog, CGC 
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Just wanted to give you a quick update on K9 Quest. We had disaster training this past weekend, and K9 Quest did a great job. This was his first seminar and there were a lot of distractions and challenges for all of the dogs. The trainer/evaluator was very impressed with him. His nerves were rock solid in everything we asked of him. After seeing him work on the debris pile, she said she expects to see him certifed as a Disaster Dog in the future since he had great nerves and had very high comfort level working in debris piles. We also worked all of the dogs on temperament and directionals and agility. K9 Quest did terrific, especially with the directionals. This was the first time he had ever worked directionals and he was one of the best of the weekend. He was also the youngest dog there. Everyone was very impressed with him and commented on his incredible structure and good looks too. I have attached several pictures for your
 viewing. Thanks....Trace Sargent
Brigitte Lytle & "Othello Lytle vom Banach"
BH, SchH1, PPD 
Hello Julie,
I just wanted to Thank You again for such a wonderful dog. I'm very happy with him.  We received our SchHI the first weekend in September.  With good scores for not training for over 5 months this past year.   I plan on going for our SchHII and III next summer. He is a great tracker with 95pts in tracking for High in Tracking.  Our OBD was also good with 91pts for High in OBD. I didn't train him for 2 weeks before the trial in Protection and he came out with a lot more drive then I expected but we passed with 83pts.  For a total score of 269 and High In Trial!!
Well here is a few photos of him and I from our trial.
Hope you enjoy them.
Brigitte Lytle
Shaun & Brigitte Lytle 
Alaska Dog Boarding & Training, Inc.
Othello at 8 weeks! 
November 6 th, 2009
Hi Julie, 
I just wanted to give you an update on our beautiful Bella. Last night she passed her last SAR test and is an official SAR K9......and not even 1 1/2 years old ....amazing!! On her corridor test she found the victim in 15 minutes, time allotment is 1 hour. Her 160 acre test she found the victim in 35 minutes!! we allow 4 hours for that test. Her last test was the night search with 40 acres with a 1 hour time allowance. She found the victim in 17 minutes!! She is a SARs superstar!!!
I wish you could see her work. She is enthusiastic, dedicated and best of all she thinks its fun! Once she finds the victim she can hardly contain herself. She dashes back to me with over whelming excitement then back to the victim, back and forth until she knows I see the victim too. Her body Language is so expressive there's no doubt when she finds someone....just a joy to watch.
I must give you an update on our little fluff butt Pax. He's not so little anymore.He's grown into a very handsome guy. He takes searching very serious and business like. I can tell he knows there's a job to be done and by gosh, he's the one to do it! He rarely looks at me for cues, he just puts his nose to the ground and works with confidence...... amazing to watch and so different from Bella. When he finds his victim he gently touches them with his nose and then runs back to me and leads me in. Its like he was trained with the CIA.....very serious. 
He loves the game and cries when its not his turn to search. He's a social superstar with other dogs, no attitude and constantly instigates the game of chase. He can really cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. As far as his personality at home he's a mush bucket, big and dopey. He's not as agile as Bella but who is. Its non-stop play with Bella and he respects her being alpha. When he's not playing he's very calm and settles easily. He loves to go anywhere in the car and when the car is parked and the door is open he's happy to sit inside just in case. He's very physical meaning he'll hook us with his paw for attention, gives flea bites of affection when rubbed on the bum and loves to touch us when laying by us. People comment on how beautiful he is and it's true he is gorgeous!
Once again, thanks for your dedication in breeding such superb German Shepherds. Never doubt that your endeavors aren't appreciated. Not only do we have excellent SAR dogs but we also have wonderful companions that bring such love into our world.
Thanks Again and take care,
Laura & Virgil
Bella & Pax too!!!
Hi Julie! Thought I would send you an update of our new family member "Massima" which means 'Great" in Italian.
We absolutely LOVE her. She is not only beautiful but sooooo smart! I already use her during my Puppy classes to do demo's with and she amazes everyone in class how obedient she is. I have also started introducing her to French Ring.  She's been out about 3 times now and the decoy's who help me work her just love her drive. She's got an amazing bite and she is not afraid of a darn thing, solid, solid temperament. Plus she is proving to be a very loyal family companion. She is gentle with my son and knows not to jump up on him. I just can't say enough good things about her. I adore her.Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful dog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've attached a pic for you that I took this am. Hope you find her as beautiful as we do
 All the Best
Michelle Kumar
Certified Professional Trainer 
"Tia vom Banach"
Certified Conservation Detection Dog
Species:  invasive snails, Hawaii and kit fox scat, California.
Dear Julie,
 I just wanted to give you an update on our dog Sasha. She is just about a year and a half now and she continues to be a wonderful member of our family. She earned her Canine Good Citizen and her Therapy Dog Certification a little while ago, and we just had our first visit to the local nursing home. The residents really loved her and she did a great job. Considering what an energetic young dog she is, she was remarkably calm and gentle when she was being petted and kissed! Also last weekend she earned her first sheep herding title at a trial at ewe topia in Roy, Wa. We have been bringing her there for a couple of months now and she really has taken to it. I guess herding is in a GSD's blood. Anyway, she loves it and it is a real joy to watch her work with the sheep. The really tricky part will be for Tom and I to learn how to be the shepherds! I hope everything is going well with you. We just wanted to let you know that Sasha is healthy and happy and well-loved!! Good luck with your new pups! 
Love Mary and Tom Luetkehans
Be sure to visit the Modesto website and view the Gallery for more wonderful working pictures of K9-Bass and the other dedicated officers and their Police K9's
Atilla vom Banach 
Clara vom Banach 
Allie vom Banach 
Caro vom Netteufer
 Proud home and owner of renown East German (DDR) Stud Male 
V.(LGZS) Aron vom Poppitz
  SchH3, V-rated, KKL1,  
H/D-ED a' Normal, ZW 71
Congratulations Vacaville  California Police Department 
and  K9 "Henry" vom Banach
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