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Jiva Jipo-Me
Jiva Jipo-Me was Imported from the Czech Republic World Renown Pohranicni z. straze Border Patrol under the registered kennel name Jipo-Me.  Her impeccable pedigree consist of the ultimate collection of top producing  working  DDR(East German) and Czech bloodlines available.

Her Sire is Faro Policia SVV1 titled, rated excellent, 1st select breeding class and winner of the Stud Dog Show in Bratislavia 2000 in the Service Dogs Category at only 2 years of age! His Dam, Fatyma z. Pohranicni straze, is one of the finest all time producing females for the Czech Border Patrol. Included  also  in his line is the extrordinary blood of  Farug Cega, Bero v.d. Friedersdorfer Flur, and Held v. Ritterberg

Her Dam is Ossi z. Antdagu DKK 0/0, velmi dobra, 1st breeding class, selective bred, 5CV1/N, ZVV1 titled and currently one of the top producing females for the Czech Border Patrol, a Gero Blatenskeho zamku IPO3, SchH3, ZVV3, ZPS1,OP1 daughter and an Omar Blatenskeho zamku ZM, ZVV3, IPO3, ZPO granddaughter. Her line also contains   Gero v.d. OG Dabringhausen and Gomo v. Scheiferschloss.
Jiva is an absolutely gorgeous female with deep rich pigment, superb working structure and spacious movement. She demonstrates excellent tracking abilities, social attraction, and well developed prey and retrieve drives.

Jiva is the perfect example of a selective breeding combination of the most influential collection of top working bloodlines. She is a good decision maker, trustworthy, honest and acts appropriately in any given situation

Sire:     Faro Policia
Dam:   Ossi z. Antdagu
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Jiva at 8 weeks old