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Viktor vom Banach 14 weeks old. A-Litter Boban and Aika.
Arrow vom Banach 13 weeks. A -Litter Boban and Aika
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Hello Julie,
Canso is splendid and in its work it very quickly associates what I awaits from him but it needs a good chief who guides it because it would like to try to make some decisions in my place! hi! hi!

Congratulations Julie, I was surprised of your aquisition of BOBAN I had pictures of him in my images....I found it very beautiful! to say to you that the world is very small. It certainly will give pups splendid with much potential work.

On pictures, Canso sends his more beautiful safety to you and me I benefit from this occasion to thank you for all your kindness.

With the nearest pleasure Julie!
Dear Julie, Thought you'd like to see how Rex looks at 1 year old. He is Wonderful!
Thank you Always, T. Nowitzky & Family
Hi Julie,
I haven't checked in in awhile, though I do look at your website and beautiful doggies. Here are some photos of Chili that I took at a park yesturday. She loves to play her game with her toys. She's doing great. Very smart, very loving...very funny personality. She keeps us active and laughing. She's the perfect gift for us. Anyway, I know how you like to hear about the Vom Banach K9 pups... Hope things are going well with you!
Lynn, Tim and Chili Coulter
Park City, UT
I wanted to share with you this picture of "Bergie" ( the most popular dog in Daycare )  I am a very proud Papa. He is spectacular in every way, you fulfilled my every expectation and then some..........I'm so excited about my next Vom Banach K9 pup. Please use me as a reference. Talk soon, Bruce
Julie, You have no idea on how many people stop me when I have Vance out in public... He is amazing and people let you know it! You have great dogs! Thanx again.

Dean A DeFrank
"Arrow vom Banach" at 12 weeks
"Viktor vom Banach" 6 months
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