Here are a few pictures I have taken of Aron just hanging out and being himself! He is such a fantastic dog and a complete treasure in my life!!  Enjoy!! ~ Julie
And this gorgeous picture taken of Aron while still in Germany. I think this says it best the temperament of this incredible dog.
This is my favorite his " Silly Face"
He is such a gentle giant with puppies!!
  Handsome Stud!!!!
September 1st, 2007 Picture Update!!! .........
Aron and I have started Personal Protection training. In these pictures he is supposed to be targeting inside the sleeve as well as outside. Unlike in SchH training where the focus is solely on the outside of the sleeve, the dog is taught to bite multiple areas of the man not just the arm. We will continue to update this page with new photos as our training progresses. Aron is also being taught to bite for "REAL" and also on a bite suit while (Me) his handler is under attack.
In these other pictures Aron is seeing the bite jacket for the very first time as well as biting it for the first time.  This is a very new field of work for him and me and we are enjoying this training together. I still continue to absolutely be in awe of this gorgeous and powerful dog. He is everything I have ever dreamed of owning in a DDR dog and actually more than I ever imagined.  I enjoy absolutely every day with this magnificant, beautiful dog and am so humbled by his protective power as well as his very gentle nature with friends and family. Aron is but one in a lifetime!
Aron just playing around for fun!!
DDR German Shepherd     Aron Vom Poppitz SchH3 KKL1
These series of pictures were taken at my home during a training Demo at our VBK9 Family reunion BBQ Party. I was pretty nervous having everyone watching  and also this time was the first time my trainer Rick Maples actually put on the suit.  I really did not know what to expect other than he was going to come in unannounced while I was showing off Aron to our quest and then pick a fight with me where he would then assault me.........Ouch Okay that hurt!  But again all new scene and scenario for Aron and these were his reactions.  You can tell he still is wondering why we are not just using a sleeve. He is adapting quickly , and hey!! this is all new to both of us!!
I need to remember to bring a longer lead when walking with Aron because he loves to track. I always feel like an idiot when I see a picture like this and realize I was walking him on my half chewed off 6ft lead. Yes for all you mathmatics that would make it 3 ft ......Ooops! Anyway so here were the last two weeks of training with Aron. We have training again every week so please be sure to check back on our progress!! Thanks for visiting!!!  ~ Julie